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Monday, October 10, 2011


Dear, Henry Lau
How are you?

I've something to say to you
"Happy birthday! Saengil chukkahae! Shengri kuaile!"
Today is your birthday, how about your feel? You feel good, right? If isn't let's listen Super Junior Mr. Simple 5th Album. Kekekeke and I think you'll feel better.

Ya, I hope you'll more talented than before. Can speak my language hmmm.....I think this can't but don't worry I'll still waiting hihi. Can you speak Bahasa? Yeah! This is my home! Indonesia! Come here again! Come here! I'll wait for you. I love youuuu! I love you when you plays the piano, guitar with many songs already, violin like a guitar. I don't really know why I love you when you speak English. Maybe, just because I never see you speak English.
You know what? I love you more than you know and I've something again to tell, I've Youtube acc beacuse of you, kekekeke.

But in the fact, there so many Elfs didn't consider you because you aren't from Korea. Uuh, not you, Zhoumi too. Do they not see the talent you have? You're talent is so amazing. Can speak 5 another language(even I know it's not perfectly), can playing 3 musical instrument, etc. I know you has fight so hard from 2007, right? I'm sorry I can't make they change their mind about you quickly. I'm sorry I can't beside you physically. But you'll be on my heart everytime and we'll beside on your heart everytime you need.

I can't write again, my tears fall already. It's your birthday, I won't sad! Oppa, fighting!


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